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Take Action

Help Us in the Fight for District 8

We are a small team determined to bring change to the district through a grassroots campaign that focuses on the people. We are always looking for people to Donate, Volunteer and Attend events.

Volunteer Opportunities


If you love talking to people and exploring the never ending beauty of our district, then helping us canvas is the perfect opportunity for you. Spreading the message to as many voters as possible, is the best way to create a community unified behind one candidate! 
Email willow@esmusforeveryone.com for additional information on canvasing!


An essential start to any campaign is the outreach to voters through phone calls and text messages. With the newer generations responding more to text messages and the greater generations responding to phone calls, it is important to have volunteers reaching out on both fronts.

Office Projects

We as a team are constantly in the depths of paper work, answering emails, and sorting through the general bureaucracy of office life. Volunteers with a mind for paperwork, and office organization are always needed, appreciated, and accepted fully as an essential part of the team.

Upcoming Events

The best way to stay in touch with the campaign, and keep a finger on the pulse of change is to check in here and meet us at any upcoming events.