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Why Jeff is Running for District 8 California

Jeff strongly believes that everyday people should be represented by everyday people. To meet the needs of the people, our representatives need to come from our own community. Many of Jeff’s opponents are either out of touch career politicians or elites who have never set foot in our district. Like most Americans, Jeff is tired of the constant political infighting and smear campaigns that dominate today’s political discussion. Jeff is more concerned with fighting for the interests of his own native district.  We are not fully represented if our elected officials lack the guts to stand up for us!

Jeff On the Issues

Too many of today’s career politicians support agendas that only a narrow portion of the population support. Most Americans don’t fit neatly into one political ideology and have unique opinions on many issues. As Americans, it is our duty to prioritize the issues that we can agree on; holding our politicians accountable by imposing a balanced budget and term limits for Congress, reforming our campaign finance system by overturning the Supreme Court Citizens United decision, decriminalizing marijuana and reforming our criminal justice system, and fixing our aging and antiquated infrastructure. Polls confirm widespread public support for these issues, and yet our politicians don’t even debate these topics. I am running as an independent candidate because someone needs to bring these issues to the front of the political discussion. I believe I can be that guy. Please read more about my platform under the issues tab, and consider my candidacy when your vote on March 3. Vote for change, vote for unity, and vote to elevate people! Jeff Esmus for Congress